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Eyebrow Guru is


due to lockdown until at least March 2 & MOVING to Bilderdijkstraat 77!

Lockdown Offerings


  • Home colour (DIY). €18 incl. postage & tutorial

  • Eyebrow products: free delivery within the Amsterdam A!) ring (brow soap, castor oil, brow pencils, fineliners, tinted gels)

  • Gift vouchers: 15% off all treatments gifted or purchased during lockdown

  • Remote & Guided 1-on-1 meditation sessions. 20 minutes, €8 per single session, €20 per 3 sessions

I offer FREE video consultations for DIY eyebrow maintenance!

Orders by WhatsApp or email

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Amstedam Eyebro Guru
Eyebrow Guru is an Amsterdam based Eyebrow Stylist and Make-Up Artist, with over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry and a refreshing approach to Make-Up and beauty.
With a passion for naturally beautiful, full eyebrows I help people grow their eyebrows back after over-plucking or work towards a fuller, more natural, yet refined eyebrow.
Eyebrow Wisdom
Your eyebrows are your unique trademark and play together with your bone structure, face features, hair colour and personal style. 
I groom, perfect and make the most of what nature gave you. 
This way, your natural eyebrow turns into your best eyebrow!
"Your natural eyebrow turned into your best eyebrow"
-The Eyebrow Guru Effect-
My thoughts on Make-Up
I believe make-up should enhance our natural beauty and distract from our flaws, without fixating on hiding imperfections. Eyebrow Guru likes to see what people are made of: eyes, skin, hair & bones.
It's is all about revealing you, not covering up who you are.
"You, made real,
not made up"
-The Eyebrow Guru Effect-

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