Natural & transparant

Nowadays I see a lot of what I call

“Disney Brows”:

women and eyebrow stylists going overboard with stencil, pencil, powder and highlighter, resulting in perfectly even, "airbrushed" eyebrows.

As with all make-up I think it should never completely cover up what's underneath.

I aim to never lose the transparency of

an eyebrow so you actually see

what they are made of: hair.

Precision and Control

My tools are tweezers,

a brush, small scissors and I work freehand.

I choose and blend the eyebrow color that suits you best, tint the eyebrows and then shape them.

Brushing the hairs back and forth, carefully choosing which ones to remove and which ones to keep.

Why no wax or thread?

Simply because tweezers are the only tool that give absolute control over every single hair that is removed.

Who is Eyebrow Guru?

My name is Marion Keizers,
I'm an Aveda trained Make-Up Artist and Eyebrow Stylist.
Based in Amsterdam, I have over 25 years of experience in the beauty industry. 
 I specialise in Eyebrow Styling, and 
have my own vision on Make-Up and beauty.
My work is about revealing you, not covering up who you are, and my aim is to make you real, not "up".
Read on to learn more
about Eyebrow Guru's philosophy
Custom Eyebrow Design

For me, eyebrows are a unique, personal  trademark.

No two faces and no two eyebrows are the same.

They delicately play together with your bone structure, face features, hair colour and personal style.

So I don't use eyebrow stencils.

In fact, Eyebrow Guru sees an eyebrow stencil as the beauty worlds' straight jacket. 

I want to expose your own, natural beauty, and not make you look like everyone else.

At Eyebrow Guru you get a personalised, unique

eyebrow design that

reflects your personality.